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We are very happy to be able to start our new page in United Kingdom. With our experience we made with the German page we will from now on serve you with brandnew apps, with bargain apps and good rated free apps every day. We started app-kostenlos, which means apps-free, one year ago and now we have almost one million pageviews a month. App-kostenlos has a big impact for the German iTunes, an app, which we recommend there, will be in the charts for sure. So more and more publishers and developers like to cooperate with us. That is your advantage – you’ll save a lot reading this page on a regular basis.

Please read, how this site will work:

apps-free will present an app every day, which is free only for a short time. That might be some hours or some days. If we know, how long the app will be for free, we will write it at the end of the review. Especially if we we were able to cooperate with the publisher or developer you will be informed until which time the app will be free. Our free apps a legal, you’ll download them via iTunes and all you need is an iTunes-Account in UK or anywhere in Europe.

From time to time developers and publishers reduce the price for their apps. If we think, you shouldn’t miss this opportunity, we will inform you about this special offer. Not all of the apps will be your favorite, but we try hard to present only the best apps to you.

Please always have a look, on which day the article was written. Check, if you are not a daily reader, also the last few days and check, if the apps are still free. We are not able to update all articles. In our opinion, the average price of apps is so low, that you might like to download an app, allthough it is offered for the regular price again.

Since I am a German guy, I will make mistakes in English language, please be patient with me, I will do my very best to keep the articles readable. And if I made a big mistake, which could lead to misunderstandings, please give me a hint.

Lets get started,


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Markus Burgdorf started reviewing apps in January, 2010. Until now he has tested more than 10,000 apps for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Mac. He is a consultant for app-publishers and companies, which want to have their own app. Working with App Agency he's always consulting his customers for more success having a better user experience in mind.

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