Marketing MBA-Course is currently free for your iPad

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The app Pocket MBA: Managing the Marketing Process can teach anyone how to leverage the power of marketing to drive growth for their business. Currently the app is free, normal price is 8,99 £. From analyzing potential markets and consumer behavior to implementing international and SEO marketing campaigns, Marketing Process clearly explains each concept in thorough detail. Integrating a full-text course book, interactive flashcards and comprehensive self-tests into a single app, Marketing Process creates a completely user-controlled learning solution.

*Introduction to Marketing
*Marketing Research
*The Consumer and the Market
*Marketing Costs Vs. Marketing Strategies
*The Consumer as a Variable
*Consumer Motivation
*Product as a Variable
*Product Planning
*Product Identification and Consumer Response
*Pricing and Pricing Theory
*Pricing Patterns and Objectives
*Pricing and Business Decisions
*Promotional Decisions and Demand Stimulation
*Personal Selling and Sales Promotion
*Sales Force Management
*Physical Distribution and Channel Selection: Part I
*Physical Distribution and Channel Selection: Part II
*The Channel Functions
*Marketing Services
*International Marketing
*Marketing Information Systems and Packages
*Internet Marketing

Pocket MBA: Managing the Marketing process Screenshot for iPad

24 Chapters filled with Marketing-Knowhow and tests to see, if you understood everything. Very useful for Marketing-Professionals.


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