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In Celebration of the new Balloon Animal Twisting & Balloon Sculpture TV show “The Unpoppables” premiering this Monday night February 7 on TLC, Balloon Animals Pro 3D is free for a limited time. It is currently the #1 Educational Game in 13 countries and in the top 10 Educational Games in 53 countries. Check out videos of the TV show at or just search “unpoppables” online for previews & showtimes. This app contains Balloon Animal instructions in 3D. Also includeded is 3D Dollar Origami Shirt instructions.

Ever wondered, how they do it? Now you know, how to make stunning 3D animals out of a balloon

Other apps let you see balloon animals on your iPhone and iPod Touch, now make them yourself with True to Life Instructions. Balloons can be purchased at most grocery stores and pharmacies. Pick some up and start twisting Balloon Animals today!

The app is small enough to download over 3G networks.

  • 10 animated animal and shape instructions: Dog Motorcycle Monkey Flower Teddy-Bear Sword Bunny Parrot Cat Giraffe
  • 5 basic balloon twist animations. These include animated hands showing proper hand placement.. This will help you learn 2 make balloon animals with less popping and less unraveling of the balloon.
  • Text Instructions and Hints.
  • Fully interactive 3D models. It’s like playing a video game to learn Balloon Twisting!

3D Controls explained with pictures in the app:

Rotate – Drag/Swipe one finger across the screen
Zoom In – Spread two fingers on screen
Zoom Out – Pinch two fingers together on screen
Pan – Drag/Swipe two fingers across screen
Twist/Turn Over – Rotate two fingers on screen

Instructions going to fast? Slow them down with the touch of a button. Don’t want the instructions to leave you behind? Steps repeat until you are ready to move on. Hide the text and the balloon will take up the whole screen. Additional Shape Instructions will be made available on a regular basis!

Need balloons? Balloons and inflation pumps can be purchased in most grocery stores, pharmacies and party supply stores.

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