TowerMadness HD for iPad is free today

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Only today from 4,99 £ to free: TowerMadness HD for iPad is one of the games, you will not delete, because it offers nearly endless fun, with lots of different stages and more than one way to win the levels. The story sounds very easy: Evil aliens are coming to turn your beloved sheep into intergalactic scarves! Protect the flock using only quick thinking and the arsenal of upgradeable weaponry at your disposal.


  • 3D graphics let you play from an aerial view or zoom down to first person and get close to the action!
  • 17 different enemies including the new Ghost Alien!
  • 9 standard weapon with 5 or more upgrades each (Plasmatron, Laser Cannon, Railgun, Mortar, Guided Missiles, Flak, ElectroSlow, ElectroShock, and ElectroBoost)
  • An ultimate weapon, the Nuke!
  • 3 purchasable special weapons: Flamethrower, Proximity Mine, and Flash Bait!
  • 46 included maps in diverse environments (forest, desert, snow)
  • 28 purchasable expansion maps (Spooky, Moon, Lava, and Marsh Madness)
  • Endless Mode: See how many waves you can withstand!
  • Global leaderboards with daily, weekly, and monthly rankings
  • 29 Game Center achievements with Friend Scores so you can compare scores with your friends on any map!
  • Replays let you learn new strategies or share your games with the world through Twitter, Facebook, or email.


TowerMadness HD Screenshot iPad App

Lots of Mapps and a local Multiplayer-Option gives you ultimate game-experience with TowerMadness HD for iPad.

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(18,7 MB)


  • Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later
  • Free until tomorrow morning, 6:00 a.m.
  • Regular price is 4,99 £

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