Angry Pins for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad is free until next Saturday

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The game of skill Angry Pins for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad is free until March 19th. The app  is based on games where a metal sphere rolls on a board and in your way are a lot of obstacles and challenges. The main goal is to overthrow all the white pins (the bowling ones) but be careful not to bump into any dynamite. The harder you hit the white pins, the more points you earn. Another way to earn more points is to overthrow all the white pins as soon as possible, because the time left is added to the points.

Nice Game for a short break.

Angry Pins Screenshot

You can play Angry Pins on a 3D-Board, if you like

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(34,4 MB)


  • Regular price is 59 Cents
  • Suitable for  iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad using iOS 3.2 or higher
  • Download with Mac/PC or via WIFI
  • Free until March 19, 2011, later you can check out Angry Pins Lite for free


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