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Coming from 59p, England Radio is free for a short period. England Radio is your fun and personalized radio. You can pause, listen live, rewind, seek back to any available position on the go with any radio station. The app gives you access to the entire England radio station library (which the publisher keeps on updating daily with new stations). If a radio station is not available in our library, you can add manually and listen to it, and the station can be shared to public.

In our opinion, England Radio is a kind of basic radio-app, which could and must be updated to meet todays requirements, but as it’s free today, you’ll make no mistake checking it out.


  • Currently 28 England Radio stations
  • Rewind to listen Radio again.
  • Pause/Continue Radio
  • Listen live Radio
  • Customize Seekback duration setting
  • Add and share custom radio stations
  • Manage your personalized favorite radio station list.
  • Supports .pls, .m3u, .asx(MP3 and AAC+), .xspf, raw MP3 and AAC+ urls
  • Can stream more than 96 kbps in Carrier network by customizing settings
England Radio  for iPhone and iPod Touch

With England Radio on your iPhone you can listen to streams of the mayor stations, with the plus of being able to rewind and listen older entries

Current listed  Stations:

  • 95,8 Capital FM,
  • Absolute Radio,
  • BBC World Service,
  • BRFM Online!,
  • Classic FM,
  • EKR European
  • Klassik Rock,
  • Frisky Radio,
  • GaydarRadio,
  • Juice FM,
  • LBC,
  • Leith FM,
  • Oldham Community Radio,
  • Play Top 40 UK,
  • Play Xmas UK,
  • Queen’s Radio,
  • RDL 101.1,
  • Radio Frequency,
  • Radio Scilly,
  • Raunchy Rhythms,
  • Resonance 104.4 FM,
  • Starpoint
  • Radio, talk 107,
  • UK Dance Radio,
  • UV radio,
  • Virgin Radio,
  • Virgin Radio Extreme,
  • Wish FM


Our Rating:

The selection of radio stations is basic, the design is not state-of-the art, but in our opinion the mayor issue with this radio-app is, that it is not multitask-able. We would expect this from such a radio-app

User’s Rating in UK’s App Store:

no ratings until now


(1,9 MB)

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