Electronic Arts greets all new iPad 2 users with a big iPad App Sale!

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Yesterday was a day, which will be remembered by many people as the day, they got their first iPad. People, who needed the iPad for business or others, who just follow every hype as a early adopter. Some resited the need to buy a iPad the last months, waiting for the second, upgraded edition. I understand this as a very intelligent strategy, because the iPad 2 really has some enhancements, I would love to have too.

I know some people, who already own the iPad one but needed urgently the iPad2. Helped one with telling him, that he was wrong, when he thought that the sale in London will beginn 5 o’clock in the morning. He couldn’t stand my argument, that this would make no sense. I took a look too – but without any row in front of me, wuithout any lottery-crap and so on. I just walked in to Dixon at Gatwick airport.  The sold yesterday 30 iPad 2 – and I could have made the 31st deal. I took out my “old” iPad, which is just three months old and compared. My decision, not to buy iPad 2 now is still right. I may change, if app developers are using the higher performance and I would not be able to test apps with my old one. But until then, I ma happy with my iPad.

Electronic Arts makes a warmth welcome to all new iPad users and pleases the other iPad users as well with its big iPad app sale throughout this weekend. Save up to 80 percent buying this excellend games today or tomorrow.

There are eight apps reduced to 59 p:

Boggle – popular word-search game – 3,5 stars
Command & Conquer Red Alert
– Great real time strategy game – battle against someone on WiFi or even online – 2.5 stars
Madden NFL 11 – All the stars of american football on your fingertipps – win the Super Bowl – 4 stars
Mirror’s Edge
– Runs and fights within the city – 3.5 stars
Pictureka for iPad – Spot and pick items in pictures filled with crazy cartoons – 4,5 stars
Reckless Racing HD – High rated racing game with eight tracks and bird-view – 4,5 stars
Snood for iPad – popular casual game, where you group Snoods of the same type – not enough ratings
Yahtzee HD – let the dices roll – 2 stars

Seven apps are reduced to 1,79:

Need for Speed Shift – Race with the fastest cars on earth – easy handling and HD graphics for real racing fun – 4 stars
Risk for iPad – classic strategy game – pursue world domination – with WIFI or Bluetooth gaming – 4 stars
SimCity Deluxe
– PC-Game of building and maintaining a new city redesigned and polished for the iPad – 3 stars
Sudoku 2 HD PRO for iPad – Sudoku 2 HD Pro is Sudoku + Point System, Runs, and Online Leaderboards – 5 stars
Tetris for iPad – The original Tetris with plenty new functions to explore – 3 stars
The Game of Live – Get friends and family together for Partyplay and have fun with this great board game – 4 stars
Ultimate Mortal Combat 3 for iPad – Arcade fighting at its best – 3.5 stars

Apps reduced to £ 2.39:

Scrabble – The original Scrabble – nice polished for the iPad – 3.5 stars

Another five to 2,99 £:

FIFA 11 by EA Sports – Football with authentic teams, leadues and players – one of the best in store – 4 stars
Max and the Magic Marker for iPad -new  physics based puzzle – not enough ratings
– Get rich fast and kick your opponents out of business – 3.5 stars
Need for Speed Hot Pursuit
– Challenge fast drivers or flee from police – 4.5 stars
Rock Band Reloaded for iPad – Sing and play 35 included songs and buy unlimited songs to play – 4 stars

And the newest iPad Game of Electronic Arts was reduced to £ 3.49:

Dead Space for iPad Figfht the Necromorphs in this in deep gameplay – 4.5 stars


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