Chill for Mac is free today – helping you to concentrate and relax

| April 3, 2011 | 0 Comments

Coming from £1.79, Chill is free today for your Mac. Chill is a background noise generator that will help you relax and block out background noises with soothing sounds. I’m not sure, if this really helps for more concentration, I tried such apps several times and for me, it was not so impressing. But their might be an interest in testing such techniques, so today feel free to test Chill on your Mac without any risk.

Included noises:

– White noise (also Pink and Brown noise)
– Rain
– Ocean Waves
– Wind

Chill lives in the Mac menu bar, so it won’t clutter up your workspace.

(I stay with my favorite Radio Station, which is Cadena 100 from Spain, that always raises my type per minute and let me feel like I’m in holidays)

Download Chill:

(12,6 MB)

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