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Todays Smartphones are very personal accessoires for most of us. Keeping all numbers, pics of friends partying, videos and much much more. Defending your privacy is gaining more and more importance. You might have photos or videos which you don’t want others peeping in your iPhone or iPod. Private Photo – Also Support Video is a  App to protect your private photos and videos from being obvious, running very smoothly with high quality.

With Private Photos installed on your iDevice you get back your privacy. Just think of Sexting. Do you really want to show your new girl- or boyfriend naked your boss or colleagues? Sure, I think, you won’t be happy with this… But the App does even more to protect you: It delivers up to four decoy accounts – very useful if you are forced to give a password for the images or videos. You are prepared and putted some real nice pictures of your dog in there or of the nice landscape arround you…

Passwords are needed to access photo and video privacy. If you are forced to open this app in some case, the decoy account is a good way to cover your real private photos and videos. Entering the password special for decoy, different from the normal password, guides app to display photos and videos in decoy database. To prevent being cracked violently, app would be locked for 30 minutes automatically after entering wrong passwords continuously for 8 times.

Private Photo is familiar and easy to use, because of its similar interface and operations with iPhone Album. Importing from iPhone Album and exporting to it flexibly, make two apps merged into one, but playing different roles.

Other features:

  • USB importing and exporting
  • Powerful file management: sorting automatically or manually, moving between folders and users, copying and pasting, and etc.
  • Support email photos and videos
  • Support additional password for internal folders
  • Support multiple users, meaning more decoy accounts: 1 admin and maximum 4 decoys
  • Two interface modes: grid and table
  • Supports Retina Display (and can be used in good quality on iPads as well)
Private Photos - Also Support Video Screenshots for iPhone and iPod Touch

Private Photo - Also Support Video is the new name of the enhanced Private Photo App. As the name says, the App is now supporting also video and got some updates for beter user handling.

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(2,6 MB)

Good to know:

  • Video feature, whole library importing feature and USB access are supported in iOS 4.0 or above.
  • Third-party app are not allowed to delete photo or video in Photo Album. You have to delete yourself after importing.
  • All information are stored only in device
  • Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later
  • Regular price is £1.79
  • Free until tomoorow morning.

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