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Today’s free app Gyrotate is real addictive puzzle-game for iPhone and iPod Touch. Match 4 or more pieces of the same color by rotating layers on the board.  It sounds easy, but as you complete each level you’ll need all your skill and concentration to keep going! If you enjoy puzzle games like Tetris, Bejeweled, Fling! and Trism, then you’ll love Gyrotate.


• Automatic saving, which allows you to come back to the game right where you left off.
• Special pieces such as clocks, bombs and locks enhance the gameplay.
• 3 difficulty settings (easy, normal and hard) to cater for users of all abilities.
• In-game music that will automatically switch itself off if you’re already playing music on your iPod/iPhone.
• Hints are provided to help you make matches whenever you get stuck.
• The game detects when there are no more moves available and resets the board so play can always continue.
• Open-ended gameplay means that how far you progress will only be limited by your skill.
• Detailed statistics to help you keep track of every single aspect of your playing habits.
• OpenFeint support, with 40 achievements to collect and worldwide leaderboards.
• Select music from your iPod library.

Gyrotate - Puzzle-Game for iPhone - Screenshot

Rotate the layers with your fingers on the Display and combine the colors. First simple, but after a while it is getting very difficult.

Our Rating:

Not just another connect-three puzzle, Gyrotate is unique in style (like drawed with chalk) and gameplay.

User’s Rating in UK’s App Store:


(15,3 MB)

Good to know:

  • Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch. Requires iOS 3.0 or later
  • Regular price is 59p

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