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Lead the German, Allied or Soviet armies to victory in the single player campaign or outwit your friends online. Hours of mind bending strategy awaits as you –  take full control of the fate of your nation. See the German blitz pick up speed and hear the Allied cry for freedom. And as you feel the thunder of a thousand Soviet feet, what will be your orders?

World in War and World in War HD (for iPad) is a strategy game, where you control the military of one of the nations in World War II. If you ever played Risk, you will understand very fast, how it works. Battle in three Szenarios, which are based on hiostorical battles and decisions in the war. But unlike Risk you have several more things to consider: The game played by rounds, but players do their decisions simultanously, so you never know, what your enemy is planning. Their are plants for production of units – conquer this plants fast, otherwise the enemy will build fresh units and get more mighty and your siege is in danger.

The game comes with a perfect introduction, where you find all the rules and some tipps as well. You can play the game also online, with Open Feint friends or even on one device weith the hotseat-feature.


  • Online multiplayer
  • Three Campaigns
  • 13 historically inspired scenarios
  • Realistic region based maps
  • Hotseat multiplayer using one device
  • Many of hours of gameplay
  • Infantry, tanks, artillery and ships as units
  • Bunkers, paratroopers, airstrikes and other strategies
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The Map is devided into areas, you can move your armies in adjacent territories. Inbetween they added some artwork and conversations with leading militaries, which are sometimes a bit strange. By example: the General is ordering the Corporal to attack the enemy. Ok, you are the Corporal, but where are the other degrees?

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  • Regular price for the iPad Version is £ 3.99
  • Regular price of iPhone/iPod Touch Version is £ 1.79
  • Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later

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