Only this Weekend get Next! for iPad for free and save £5.99

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This weekends free App Next! (regular £5.99) for iPad  lets you manage your projects, create notes and store documents all in one place allowing you to keep track of everything and focus on what is important. Next! has all the features any GTD app should have like separate action lists (Next!, Someday and Scheduled), project management, tags to help you sort by category or context, search to help you find what you are looking for and the ability to send email directly from the app.

But Next! is the only app that gives you all the features that will really help you get more done. Key Features of Next!: Link all your related goals, projects, actions and references so you always have what you need to get things done – Add actions directly in the notes you are taking – All your actions that are due, overdue or scheduled to start that day are automatically added to your Next! list – Import files from your email or other iPad apps and link them to your goals, projects and actions – Smart Dates show you the due dates of all your linked items – Stay on track by checking the status of your goals and projects Next! is the best productivity experience on the iPad because it was built specifically for it. The unique user interface allows you to swipe up, down, left, and right to view all of your information so you focus on what is important and have everything a flick of the wrist away.

Next! iPad App Screenshots

Designed like a Todo-book, Next! offers far more functions than most of the other GTD Apps.

Add and Link actions, collect references and have them displayed with the links to your tasks

Our Rating:

You’ll need some time to understand, that this App is delivering all the functions you were waiting for in a GTD App. It is not only the nice design, it is the ability to include files from Microsoft Office and giving them Tasks. There is a easy to use and small project management tool included, which helps you in estimating the progress you already made with your tasks. Use Next! to get your tasks weighted and in order, but give it some time to extend and use the functionality until you may use it daily with your work.

User’s Rating in UK’s AppStore:


Download Next! for iPad

(6.2 MB)

Good to know:

  • Next! requires iOS 4.2
  • It is free only this weekend, just give the App a try with no risk

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