ScanBizCards Business Card Reader only today for 59p – coming from £3.99

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Todays reduced App ScanBizCards is the favorite business card reader with reviewers because it doesn’t just scan and add contacts to the address book  – but also goes much beyond, offering 17 premium features not included in any other business card scanner. ScanBizCards is the only scanning app relevant to the iPad and the only app with real-time backup to the Cloud and web-based access to your cards.

Scanning Features

1. Double-sided cards support! [not available in ANY other app]
2. Take new photo or import from photo album
3. Automatic Orientation Detection
4. Optional cropping
5. Add to iPhone address book (and Outlook)
6. Create as new contact or merge with existing
7. Assign to group / create new group
8. side-by-side editing of recognized text
9. Define custom fields
10. Add notes
11. Support landscape orientation

Extended Features

12. Automatically send a quick intro email and your own VCard to the new contact
13. Forward contact to a colleague (text + image + VCard)
14. Send LinkedIn invite in one touch without leaving the app
15. “Touch & Go”: touch a phone number to call / SMS, email or URL
16. Organize cards in categories
17. Flip through cards in cover flow 3D view
18. Search & Sort
19. NEW: dial/SMS contacts on iPad/iPod Touch via Skype integration
20. Calendar integration to add reminder to follow-up with new contact
21. Export selected cards to Excel CSV for importing into CRM backend
22. Evernote integration – upload/download card images to/from Evernote
23. Import email signature as new contact

Web Sync Features

24. Back up every card to the cloud
25. Web-based management app to access your cards from any browser
26. Keep multiple devices in sync with all your scanned cards
27. View all your cards on a map of the World (web)

ScanBizCards Business Card Reader for iPhone

ScanBizCards Business Casrd Reader Screenshots


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