Bored in Office? Try Office Gamebox for iPhone – which is just free

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Bored at work, not anymore with the super fun Office Gamebox for your iPhone or iPod Touch.  It’s a 3-in-1 game pack based around an office theme. With amazing replay value, a bunch of simple pick up and play games. I’m sure you can find time to play. The App is regular priced with 59p – but now it is free of charge – sojust download and enjoy. Graphics are good enough to play Office Gamebox even on your iPad.


Flick the paper ball at the wastebasket, using the cool air fan to bend your shots. You have only sixty seconds to get the highest score, but the further the basket the more points you get! Hint: If you manage to hit one of your colleagues, you’ll earn a reward. Funny game.


How far can you roll your office chair through the floors of the office block? In your way are all sorts of obstacles in your way; photocopiers, desks and water stations! Luckily you have a chair modified with a fire extinguisher’s jet! Oh, and don’t forget to grab those cookies and donuts with a second tab while flying.


Migrate to the roof of the office and take a running jump to see how far that flightless bird will go. Grab a fishy in-flight meal to give your tiny wings a bit more energy, or grab onto a rocket to increase your speed. Watch out for the other birds – they will do anything they can to stop you in your tracks…

Three good games are included in the Office Gamebox - just right for waiting times or boring meetings...

Our Rating:

Great fun

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(37,3 MB)


  • Load this App with WIFI or your computer
  • Regular price is 59p
  • Free only for a limited time
  • Game language is English

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