Strategic-filled Online Game War 2 Victory is free for iPhone, iPod and iPad

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Based on the hit WAR2 browser game with 3,000,000 monthly active users across multiple platforms, the free MMO strategy game War 2 Victory now landed on App Store. Seek honor and glory in the battlefields of WWII. Take charge of either Allied or Axis forces and build a lone outpost into a mighty war machine. Build, Expand, and conquer.

The game comes with an expert battle system. Rapid turn-based combat puts you in charge, allowing intricate control of over 30 historically accurate units. Crush your enemies with massed infantry, a blitzkrieg of tanks, swooping bombers, mighty battleships, or stand unconquerable behind an invincible line of fortifications. Basis is you new founded city, where you build hoeses, military buildings and resource-producing facilities. The game starts like a game, where building up your city seems to be your main goal. But then it changes…

Detailed Resource Management. Control multiple cities, each producing a variety of resources, and manage a growing workforce. Build up your industry, feed your army, and turn your citizens into soldiers or factory workers.

Develop new technologies to unlock powerful new units, strengthen old ones, or boost your industry.

Play with hundreds of people across the globe from your iPhone or iPad. Form powerful alliances with fellow players to crush your opponents and wage epic wars against other alliances. Intuitive missions system guides you through your early development, assuring you get right into the action.

Absolutely free to download and play. In game “speed-ups” that allow you to progress faster are available per In-App-purchase,  but there is no exclusive content, so you can play the game with some restrictions in parallel building activities for free. It might take a bit longer, but as a honorable General you don’t buy speed-ups, don’t you?

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The War 2 Victory offers intense gameplay for hours and hours of building up your city, conquering new ones and defending enemies

Our Rating:

The Game offers a really depth gaming experience – and that for free. They had a problem yesterday with their servers, but it seems, that it was solved fast. Now it is working properly and playing some rounds is fun. But, be aware: like all this MMOPG the game reminds you to come back very often that might cause a kind of addiction.

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