How to pick up Women – todays free App for iPhone shows right strategies

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There are lots of educational Apps in the App Store. Some are really interesting in matter of the topic they deal with: How to pick up women is an App, which unveils strategies and tactics to the oldest game of the world. Learn with which strategies you maximize your success and get indephts views into the psychology of flirting and picking up.There is plenty of information in this app, the authors promise, that they tried all tactics by their own, also including women in the editorial process. The 2010 published eBook App gives techniques and methods in seduction, charisma and attraction as they apply to today dating and relationship arena.

Women nowadays have a lot of attitude, and if you’re a single guy there’s a lot you need to know if you want a relationship, or just a one night affair. The truth is, women like the attention they get from guys, and that’s why many of them go from one to the next. Susie Homemaker is a thing of the past. Many of today’s young women are manipulative and scandalous and most guys have found out the hard way.

If you read this book, the authors promise, and take notes you’re approach to the dating and relationship arena is about to undergo a powerful and significant change. You’re going to go away with the skills and knowledge to pick up women anytime and anyplace. Meeting and dating women is a game – and once you know the rules and how to play at a championship level, there’s no going back! You will have these skills for the rest of your lifetime.

But first comes downloading, taking your time to read and understand their information – and then: All success by using your new knowledge…

How to pick up women gives you all knowledge to make your dating experience more successful

How to Pick Up Women features:

  • Introduction
  • The art of Being Smooth
  • How to be a True player
  • Senoritas escandalosa Scandalous Women
  • Playing with Woman’s Ego
  • Nice Girls: Easy as 1, 2, 3
  • After Thought: Seduction in the Year 2K
  • Conversation Dynamics
  • Rico Suave – Part I
  • Rico Suave – Part II

Our Rating:

Some weaknesses in presentation, but the content counts. In my opinion, they should seperate links to other apps from the content.

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Good to know:

  • Regular price is just 59p
  • Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later

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