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Master every aspect of developing, analyzing, and implementing successfully competitive business strategies today. Download todays free iPad App Strategy Management – Concepts and Tools: with flashcards & tests now to learn the correct steps needed to be taken to develop winning business strategies for the future. Regular price is £17,99 – hurry up, these Apps are normally free for some hours only.

“Strategy Management – Concepts and Tools: with flashcards & tests” is not an educational gimmick. This is a rigorous, in-depth professional-level course designed to show engaged business professionals how to develop effective competitive strategies. Every important step and aspect of this process is fully explained, from a strategy’s inception to its final implementation within the business. Specifically, this educational resource is designed to illustrate the correct execution of the development, formulation, implementation, and evaluation phases crucial to creating a soundly competitive business strategy. Emphasis is placed on the need for awareness of — and accommodation to — changes in an organization’s internal and external environments. An overview of various generic business strategies and techniques for analyzing these strategies are also covered.

“Strategy Management – Concepts and Tools: with flashcards & tests” is a complete learning solution, utilizing a full professional-level textbook – logically divided into ten chapters – as well as multiple interactive mLearning features. These study aides include interactive flashcards as well as knowledge exams that test users’ newly acquired management knowledge, explaining both right and wrong answers after each test is administered. All included materials are designed to focus users’ learning efforts as effectively and constructively as possible, while affording students the flexibility of learning on their own unique schedules. With this breadth of features, coupled with an abundance of professional-level educational content, “Strategy Management – Concepts and Tools: with flashcards & tests” can give any aspiring business professional the tools to expand their business successfully even within the most competitive industries or markets.

Included Chapters:

• Strategic management: An overview
• Environmental analysis
• Industry and competitor analysis
• Internal appraisal
• Strategic formulation
• Strategic choices
• Strategic implementation issues
• Strategic evaluation and control
• Crafting global strategy
• Glossary

Course Features:

  • Complete course texts
  • Interactive flashcards for subject review
  • Comprehensive chapter-level tests
  • Explanations of right and wrong answers
  • Charts & Examples
  • Bookmark
  • Glossary
  • Share content via email, Facebook and Twitter
  • Application does not require internet connection to operate.
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Learn all about Stratetic Management mobile with this App.

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You could learn all this also with a book, but why not giving mobile learning a chance? Publisher Intersog covers lots of experience with mobile learning apps for professionals. So this app is good for everyone, who wants to learn, whenever he or she has some spare-time. On the iPad the App is very convenient.

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  • Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later.
  • Regular price is £17,99
  • Strategic Management is also avaiable for your Mac, current price is 23,99

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