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Today’s free paid App is a professional ring tone lab in your iPhone. With Ringtone Builder by ZED Apps you can make a ring tone from any piece of music or sound  from your iPhone. Do not worry about its quality. Using the App you’ll forget forever any shortcomings in the process of ring tone creation. Using the Ringtone Builder you can easily convert any audio-file from MP3 format into the ring tone format and use it later for your iPhone ringing.

Choose a song you wish and place it to the application audio-wave. Mark the fragment you want to be played back as a ring tone. Determining the composition frame the Ringtone Builder will play the fragment chosen from the song beginning.

The maximum duration of ring tone is 40 seconds, then the ring tone melody will be repeated.

Moreover, you can start the FADE function for your ring tone to be played with a progressing sound power.

You can use not only the piece of music saved in your iPod. The Ringtone Builder gives you a possibility to make ring tones from audio files recorded with the application microphone.

The ring tones created are easily sent from one device to another or by mail.

To use the created ring tones in iPhone it is necessary to synchronize them preliminary in the iTunes gallery, then they appear in the setup functions of your iPhone. This process is very simple and is a final stage of ring tone creation.

Ringtone Builder App for iPhone Screenshots

Making ring tones never was easier. Just take one of your songs and edit it. Synchronise with iTunes and make choose it in your settings. Done!

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Creating individual ring tones for your iPhone has never been easier.

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Download Ringtone Builder(12 MB)


  • Regular price is 59p
  • Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later.

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