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The App TagYourTime! is free only on June 21,2011 in cooperation with – your daily source for the best paid Apps for free. There are many calendars and todo lists, TagYourTime! is different. The focus of TagYourTime! is not in the planning of appointments, but in the display “what’s next”. TagYourTime! shows you in how many days, hours and minutes next events take place. With it’s style of showing upcoming events , the App  bypasses barriers of 24 hour days. TagYourTime! may give you a whole new sense of time.

TagYourTime! is based on a Tag System: Tap on a Tag, e.g. the Phone Tag, and the TagEvent editor opens (in TagYourTime! an event is called “TagEvent”). Edit title, date or others and the created TagEvent occurs in the events running line. Or, tap on the title bar and speak the title of a Tag. TagYourTime! has an integrated speech recognition system!

– To edit a TagEvent, tap on it.
– To mark a TagEvent as “Done”, double tap on it.
– To delete a TagEvent, move it over the trash.

More Features:

– iTunes import of your own Tag images
– Special Tags for fast input. Example Birthday Tag: The recurrent parameters are predefined
– More Special Tags as In-App purchases, e.g. Shopping or Photo Tag
– One or more alarms for each TagEvent
– Recurrent dates
– Priority
– Notes (with detection of links, phone numbers, etc.)
– Address manually or from iPhone address book: Map support
– EMail and SMS function
– Saving the event part of a TagEvent in the native iPhone calendar
– Automatic creation of TagEvents from the birthday calendar
– List view as planning helper
– Integrated Tutorial

TagYourTime iPhone App Screenshts

TagYourTime is in english language, so don't mind seeing German in the screenshots

Our Rating:

Good tool to organize your events: just tag them and have them shown to you like they occur. Liked the birthday reminder, which showed up automaticly from my contacts.

User’s Rating in UK’s App Store:

no ratings until now – the App is pretty new


(29,3 MB)

Good to know:

  • Regular price is £1.79
  • Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Requires iOS 4.2 or later.
  • Free only today in Cooperation between and Diethard Seiferth

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