C.H.A.O.S Multiplayer Combat Helicopter Simulator free for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch

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Freshly published C.H.A.O.S is a multiplayer combat helicopter simulator. It is free for introduction, price will get up to £5.99 in some days, we guess. The game, which is optimized for online-fights, starts with eight learning missions, where you train movements and fire options of your heli. You can choose from helicopters of different manufacturers from USA, Russia and European Union such as AH-64 Apache, UH-60 Black Hawk, Hind, Ka-52 Alligator, RAH-66 Comanche etc.

Complete missions, win air fights to get money and experience thereby achieving new ranks and upgrading your helicopter. You can also play C.H.A.O.S. against up to 8 players via WIFI, setting your amount of money.

The game still have a bunch of bugs, but as we are getting it for free we can wait for updates to come.

Helicopter Online Game for iPhone and iPad C.H.A.O.S.

Left you see the hangar, where you buy and upgrade your helis, right is the battlefield.


  • Catching gameplay
  • Eight training missions to develop flying and combat skills
  • Two realistic battle locations
  • High resolution helicopter models of different manufacturers
  • Helicopter upgrades
  • Choose between death match or team play in multiplayer mode
  • No In-App purchases, you’ve to play your career for yourself

Our Rating:

If the developers get rid of the bugs the game is a candidate for a five-star rating. Graphics and handling are good (on iPad) and there are several options to play. On iPhone 3 GS there are many graphic issues in the menues, that should be solved quickly.

Users Rating in UK’s AppStore:

Users are facing problems with stability. Restart of device after install helps. We had no crashes on iPad or iPhone.


(93 MB)

Good to know:

  • Download only via PC, Mac or WIFI
  • Runs on iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch with iOS 4.3 or newer
  • Regular price will be £5.99

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