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Today’s free App for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch is a heavy-weight App with 559 MB and a regular price of £8.99. In Everyday English Conversation, students learn practical, essential English to enable them to effectively communicate anywhere in the world. Students learn how to speak fluently in many everyday situations, including; making small talk, ordering at restaurants, booking hotels and flights, shopping and traveling. Everyday English focuses more on specific phrases than grammar, teaching through useful situations and events.

You’ll learn by “doing” through the practice of practical expressions, and master how to ask and answer many types of questions. By learning situational English, you can ensure that when spending time overseas you feel confident and comfortable and are able to communicate with ease.

Upon completion of this course, you’ll be able to speak English fluently and confidently in many everyday situations.

• Introduce yourself
• Make small talk
• Order food and drinks
• Get around a city
• Describe your needs
• Understand and communicate salespeople, hairdressers, and wait staff
• Ask questions politely
• Use the correct pronunciation, accent and intonation
• Do all of this and more with confidence!

What’s in this lesson:

01 Starting a Call
02 Understanding the Other Caller
03 asking questions when shopping
04 making statements when shopping
05 asking questions at a bar or restaurant
06 asking questions at the golf course
07 asking questions at the pharmacy
08 making statements at the pharmacy
09 asking questions at the medical center
10 making statements at the medical center
11asking questions at spa
12 making reservations
13 making statements at the bank
14 asking questions while Looking for a Residence
15 making statements while looking for a residence
16 Being a Host

Everyday English C Screenshots

Highly polished designs, included video lessons - Everyday English is able to set standards.

Everyday English on iPhone Screenshots

Design of the App for iPhone and iPod Touch

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Download Everyday English

(559 MB)


  • Downloading only via WIFI or Computer (it will take a while)
  • Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later.

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