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Today’s free App GoodNight Plus Pro is an application for people who want to sleep comfortable. People say “Count sheep jumping over a fence to fall asleep”. This app will help you to fall asleep with counting sheep and listening to great classic lullabies of Mozart, Brahms, Schubert, and others. But that is not all: The App-Publishers added nearby everything, what can help you to fall asleep. There are nature sounds and seven types of white noises.

If you like to take a nap, try the nap-timer, which wakes you up when you want to start again.

Main Features:

1. GoodNight Classic
– Count animal’s number (The range of number set : 100 ~ 1,000)
– Select great classic lullabies as background music. (Mozart, Brahms, Schubert, Max Bruch, French cradle song, Shumann, Kim Dae-hyun)
– Select several background scapes (Hill, House, Desert, Sky)
– Select several cute animals (Sleeping Sheep, Happy doggy, Mommy cat & kitten, smiling camel)
– Advices for a good night sleep when it closed
– Support email sending to your friends
– Support english and korean languages,

2. White Noise
– 7 types white noises (White, brown and pink noise, hair dryer, air conditioner, vacuum cleaner, old clock)
– This supports popup style image view, timer and volume controller.
– And supports audio preview function.

3. Nature Sounds
– This also contains 7 types nature sounds.
(Ocean waves, night camp, waterfall, wind, water drops, trickling water, rain drops)
– And supports popup style image view, timer, volume controller, and audio preview function.

4. Nap timer
– Very simple and easy to use.
– 7 alarm sounds. (Classic, bird, digital, sheep, doggy, kitty, and camel)
– Snooze on/off and snooze interval.
– Setting nap timer.

Goodnight + PRO Screenshots

Counting sheep? Or do you need some nature sounds to doz off? Goodnight+ Pro offers lots of help for falling asleep.

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(48 MB)

Good to know:

  • Regular price is 69 p
  • Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.

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