TriviaBurst is free today – 30,000 Questions and Leader Boards

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Today’s free App TriviaBurst for iPhone and iPod Touch combines the love of trivia with the heat of competition. Form groups, challenge your friends, and even submit your own trivia questions in this unique trivia game featuring over 30,000+ questions, the largest for any mobile platform.

Questions cover General Knowledge, Entertainment, Arts and Literature, Auto Racing, Baseball, Basketball, Celebrities, Football, Geography, Golf, History, Hockey, Movies, Music, Science and Nature, Soccer, General Sports, TV, Tennis, World Trivia, Literature, Politics, Animals, Religion, Technology, and Motorsports.

Answer harder questions for more points and climb to the top of the in-game leader boards. Submit your own questions and have other players see your picture right in game!

Brag to the world by automatically posting your scores on your Facebook and Twitter page. The message center will let you know when your friends have beaten your score and it’s time to play!


  • Over 30,000+ questions and growing daily
  • Offline Play! Your score is automatically saved when playing offline.
  • Flag bad questions in game and never see them again!
  • OpenFeint integration: OpenFeint is an elite gaming network for the iPhone/iPod touch that offers leaderboards, virtual awards, etc.
  • -By playing TriviaBurst, you can now earn gift certificates based on the number of points you earn in the game
  • 3 levels of difficulty – easy, medium, hard or random
  • Ability to submit your own questions to test others with your trivia knowledge. User submitted questions are filtered through a flagging system by other users for accuracy
  • 30 seconds per question in each round
  • If the question is missed, correct answer is provided
  • Ability to rate questions by a star system
  • Ability to play with 5, 10, 25 or 50 questions per round
  • Facebook support, upload your results and invite friends to play, post scores to your home page
  • Twitter support, upload your results to your Twitter account
  • Ability to upload your picture in your game settings page
  • Challenge groups or friends to see who can score more points
  • Earn more points for harder questions as well as how quickly you answer.
  • Browse the scores of other players and groups using the in-game leader boards and Plus+
  • Incorporates a unique algorithm to reduce the chance of repeated questions
  • A full messaging center that notifies you when you are challenged by a friend or a group, or when scores are updated
  • Push notifications are sent out when there are new messages or challenges in the game
TriviaBurst Screenshot

More than 30,000 questions (some of them really hard) are in TriviaBurst

Our Rating:

TriviaBurst is not too easy, especially when it comes to sport, because they are very american with that questions and when we tried it, there were very often all names totally unknown for us. So it is better not to play the sport related questions. Some of the questions – even in other categories – are quite specific requiring in-dephts knowledge of the subject.


User’s Rating in UK’s App Store:


(9,9 MB)


  • Regular price is £.69
  • Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
  • There is a free version avaiable: TriviaBurst Lite


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