Today’s free App Appzilla comes fully packed with nearby 90 Tools

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Today’s free App Appzilla 90-in-1  is one of the the best-selling bundle apps for iPhone/iPod/iPad and gives you plenty of basic tools all in one. There are so many useful tools and also some – for us – useless functions combined in one app, you’ll need your time to explore all functions.  The App is free for a short time because publisher Fossil software published with AppZilla 120-in-1 an enhanced version and wants to get some attention for the new one.

We recommend the  download of the AppZilla 90-in-1 App, because it has several tools included, which you may find as useful as we did.



✓ (NEW!) Lyrics Search Engine
✓ (NEW!) Loan Calculator
✓ (NEW!) Holidays
✓ (NEW!) Date Calculator
✓ (NEW!) Amazing Facts
✓ (NEW!) Reverse Dictionary
✓ (NEW!) Rhymes With
✓ (NEW!) Walk N Type
✓ (NEW!) US Health
✓ (NEW!) Bleep Button
✓ (NEW!) GoogBuzz
✓ Sticky Notes
✓ Parking Meter and GPS
✓ Journal
✓ Emoji Enabler
✓ MotionAlert
✓ Drum Pad
✓ Stink Bomb
✓ Thesaurus
✓ Horoscope
✓ US Weather Maps
✓ Match It
✓ Hearing Test
✓ Reaction Test
✓ Bug Repel
✓ Basal Metabolic Rate Calc
✓ Body Mass Index Calc
✓ Heart Rate Calc
✓ Area Code Search
✓ Random Words
✓ Spelling Checker
✓ Fake Text
✓ Pet Age Calc
✓ GoogCal
✓ GoogNews
✓ GoogDocs
✓ GoogTalk
✓ GoogReader
✓ 50,000 Famous Quotes
✓ Twitter/Facebook tools
✓ Currency Translator
✓ Language Translator
✓ Touch Anywhere Camera
✓ Timer Camera
✓ Whiteboard
✓ Dictionary
✓ Digital Clock
✓ Trip Wire
✓ Unit Converter
✓ Voodoo Doll
✓ Sleep Sounds Generator
✓ Glow Paint
✓ Battery Life
✓ Book Lamp
✓ Tip Calculator
✓ Game Buzzer
✓ Clinometer
✓ Bubble Level
✓ Plumb Bob
✓ Protractor

AppZilla Screenshot

Check it out: There are plenty of good tools in this app. Which ones you'll use, who knows?

Our Rating:

Just forget about the useless tools, evveryone has his own definition of useful and useless functions within the bundled app. It is a great collection of tools you may find useful.

User’s Rating in UK’s App Store:


Download AppZilla 90-in-1(54 MB)

Good to know:

  • Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later
  • Free only for a short time period – regular price is 69p

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