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Today’s free App New World Colony is a digital board game where you battle for control of territory and resources. In order to win you will need to build and upgrade structures, trade, construct defenses, and outwit your opponent.

Each decision must be weighed carefully. Do you expand your colony’s borders so that you can reach valuable gold and minerals? Or do you build a fort so that you can capture a nearby farm from an opponent? Or construct a shipyard so you can sneak past your opponent’s fortifications? On top of that, you’ll need to monitor and defend clusters of connected territories in order to maintain your advantage. Finding the perfect balance is a challenge but is also key to victory.

It is a fun and fast strategy game with randomly generated maps, challenging computer AI, turn-based online multiplayer and a wide range of game settings. Be prepared to sink countless hours into this game as you perfect your tactics!

Games take place on a map teeming with fields, forests, mountains and lakes. Starting with a single territory and a handful of resources, you must build a dominant colony by settling new land and constructing sawmills, granaries, mines, shipyards, and trading posts. You can also establish new towns, and with a strong economy you will eventually be able to upgrade them with imposing forts and strongholds. Your colony will grow in size and power with every turn – if you make the right decisions.

However, your opponents are striving to build colonies of their own. You will find yourself constantly battling with other players over precious resources and territories, so you must decide whether to aggressively capture their lands or hold back and play defensively. Opponents will be looking to take over your territories and structures as well, so you must build strategic walls to keep them at bay.

Features of the game:

  • Four game modes to suit your playing style: Normal, Defensive, Pacifist, and Warlord
  • Play locally and online with friends, or hone your skills against three difficulty levels of computer AI
  • Play in classic turn-based mode or experience the unique hybrid real-time/turn-based gameplay option for fast and intense games
  • Play turn-based online matches using iOS 5’s turn-based matchmaking, and compete against players around the world to rack up victories on a leaderboard
  • In-game tutorial to quickly bring new players up to speed
  • Quick reference online rulebook if you need information during a game
  • Gameplay is well balanced and requires meaningful decisions at every turn
  • Random maps mean that every game presents a new challenge and requires a different strategy
  • Optimized for tabletop play – game board even autorotates to face the next player
  • 23 achievements to earn
New World Colony for iPhone and iPad

You will learn the game with a very good tutorial, but to master it takes time and experience, especially when you decide to play against human players.

Our Rating:

A must for strategy-genre fans. In dephts strategy gameplay with unlimited online-enemies to fight. When played in real-time mode the game is quite fast.

User’s Rating in UK’s App Store:


Download New World Colony

(34,2 MB)

Good to know:

  • Regular price is £ 1.19 
  • Requires iOS 5.0 or newer!

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