Melody Music Maker is free today for iPad – be a Composer without even knowing the Notes

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Play with the colors and find the composer in you! You recognize this? You picked up a melody that keeps going on in your mind. You can hum it but can’t write the notes down unless you are a well educated musician. Playing it on a keyboard is even more difficult. At least up to now.

From now on there is the Melody Music Maker. This App makes a composer out of everyone. It transforms every simple melody into a well composed and correct arranged master piece. Everything you need is a bit of time and an idea for a melody. The remaining part will be handled by this app. It is your private arranger and composer in one.

What have Stevie Wonder, Paul McCartney and Ray Charles in common? They could not read scores but nevertheless their songs captured the world. With Melody Music Maker you are walking in the trails of these super talents. You can fully focus on one thing: the melody that you enjoy, without taking care for the notes and theoretical correctness. Colors guide the user through the composition of the song. In real-time the Melody Music Maker will provide you with options for well sounding chord progressions. With this method great songs are created in no time, songs that can keep up with the ones of your idols.

With Melody Music Maker it is fun to express intuitively your musical ideas, they grow as you play.

Melody music maker has the following features:

  • This app adds theoretical composing knowledge to your musical ideas
  • Presets provide you with suggestions for theoretical settings like root key, scale, tempo, etc.
  • 127 sounds to enrich you composition with the right voice
  • Modulation and glide features to enrich your sound
  • Record several takes on top of each other
  • Wizard function, improves the timing of your recording
  • Seperate MIDI channels for chords and lead voice
  • x and y controllers over lead voice area to control sound changes as you play
  • Sync out for synchronization with arranger keyboards, sequencers, music work stations, etc.

Melody Music Maker Screenshot for iPad

Left you see the Keyboard with the presets on the right the settings-menu

Our Rating:


Make your own piece of music with this iPad App. Graphics are not very special, but variety of instruments and help with the presets is good. Good manuel with videos are helping you to understand the App

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Download Melody Music Maker



(17,8 MB)

Good to know:

  • Compatible with iPad, iOs 5.0 or newer
  • Regular price is  £2.99

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