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dating coach app icon  So you see her. Every day. Somewhere yawning on a crowded train or getting her salad at local grocer’s. That very minute you    spot her, your whole body becomes tense, mouth dry, and…

Sounds familiar? 😉

We hope not. At least, not for long now – today’s featured app Dating Coach is here to help you to be prepared for those tricky situations. The app is packed with information about all aspects of dating, from chat up lines to original ideas for your first date.

The guide starts with some theories, explained in plain English together with practical application. Then comes a list of non-verbal signals to watch out for. Finally, you get 128 conversational openers based on 16 different locations – so no more excuses to avoid talking to THAT girl. And when you arrange a date, you have a long list of original ideas to make your first date much more than just usual “dinner and walk-a-bit” type.

There is another twist in this app – it has an in-built “Fake Call Button”. Hopefully you will never need it, but..just in case you do, it’s there and ready to use 😉

dating coach screen shot

Simple layout and easy to use buttons, including a Fake Call option

We must confess, we like dating apps. Some of them are funny, some worthless, some even offensive. There is a lot of advice out there, – you can find anything from true British Gentleman’s Guide to courting a lady to shocking statements by so called PUAs (pick up artists, as they like to refer to themselves). Most of that advice requires you to change in some way, even if it’s only surface.

Dating Coach offers simple and straightforward information, which is ready to use and is safe enough not to make you seem rude. Furthermore, it clearly states – YOU are GOOD ENOUGH just the way you are, you just need an open mind and some tools to make you EXCEPTIONAL.

And frankly, we like that attitude. Hopefully you would like it too – test it yourself: it’s free, well narrated, and only 0.8Mb in size.

Download it here:

apple store icon

( 0.8 Mb)


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