What do you know about your Last Name? Full Version App for iPhone and iPad is free today

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Have you ever asked yourself , what your last name means and where the name comes from? With todays free full version of  Last Name Origin & Meaning HD Pro (for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad) your questions can be answered. The App delivers for nearby every name a short description of it’s origin and the meaning of the name. Some of the names also come with a coat of arms, which you could use on your letterhead.

There are information about one million names accessible with the app, fifty thousand of them with coat of arms. That means, that only 5 percent of the surnames come with a crest. And the shown crests are in black and white…  But in our opinion the crests anyway are not really serious, because crests were not given to a name, they were given to a person and family with this name, not more. Having a certain name does not mean, that it is the same family. Just think of the surname Miller. How many millers were there over the centuries in whole UK? Miller is a name, which is based on the profession miller… You got the answer, don’t you?

The App is interesting, when you are planning to change your name – you can have a look first, what your desired name means and where it comes from. The App can be nice to be used with friends as well.

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Find information about one Million surnames in this app - grab it until it is free.

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The App is not more than a web-database-app, where you can type in a name and get a more or less informative result. There is a possibility to choose a language, when you first open the app, but that doesn’t mean that the explanantion comes in the selected language.

For free the App is a try, I would not pay for it.

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not enough ratings yet, users are disappointed that the app does not have coat of arms for every name

Downloadlink iPhone and iPod Touch:

Download Last Name Origin & Meaning HD Pro

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  • Regular price of the App is 2.99
  • Requires iOS 3.2 or newer on iPad, iOS 3.0 or newer on iPhone and iPod Touch

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