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SnapStill IconSnap pixel-perfect photos from any video in your Photos library with SnapStill for iPhone and iPad. Simply select a video, scroll to the frame you want to snap, and press the save button or double-tap the video.

For precise frame-by-frame control, drag your finger directly on the video. You can also use SnapStill’s Suggestions feature to find great moments to snap; to hide the Suggestions bar, simply push up on the video. To reveal it again, pull down.

If you’ve upgraded to iOS 8, you can even use SnapStill directly within the Photos app—just pick a video and select the SnapStill extension.

On iOS 8.1, pressing the “Done” button while using the SnapStill extension causes the system to display an error alert about not being able to save. You can safely ignore this alert—your snaps will save just fine. The reason this alert pops up is that when you close the SnapStill extension, it doesn’t change your video, therefore there is nothing to be saved, which the system misinterprets as a failure to save.

SnapStill is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad running iOS 7.1 or newer. The app requires 2.4 MB of diskspace, is in English language and the normal price is £ 0,89.

SnapStill puts an end to silly faces. Just take the image you want from a video-clip and you're done.

SnapStill puts an end to silly faces. Just take the image you want from a video-clip and you’re done.

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